Adventure Soccer

Adventure Soccer is where children come to have fun and enjoyment.

Adventure Soccer is a high energy programme introducing children to football skills, other ball skills and movement skills. We begin simple ball work immediately by practising basic dribbling, shooting and passing techniques to establish the technical foundations essential for future success. 

Our innovative programme is designed to be active and healthy with lots of movement, including running, jumping and hopping. Children develop motor skills necessary for their participation in future sports.  Children take part in activities using beanbags, balance hedgehogs and a whole range of agility equipment to develop speed, agility, coordination and balance.

Children develop social skills with us such as meeting new friends, working with others, listening to instructions, turn taking and demonstrating activities. A number of parents over the years have commented on how the classes have helped children prepare for school. There is a positive and encouraging atmosphere at an Adventure Soccer class.


Adventure Soccer classes last for forty five minutes and take place at the Bield Activity Centre on Saturdays.

All our coaches are qualified UEFA ‘A’ Licence coaches.

Adventure Soccer is for boys and girls aged 2-5 years old and classes take place in a safe learning environment.

We continuously evaluate our programme and coaching to ensure our programmes are of the highest quality.

Children can move to our Brazilian Soccer at Pro Fives  about five years of age.


Having a great time and making new friends.

Developing football and related ball handling skills, including kicking, dribbling, trapping, throwing, bouncing and catching.

Developing movement skills, including running, hopping, skipping, jumping and balancing.

Developing hand, foot and eye coordination.

Nurturing an active, healthy lifestyle.

Confidence building.

Developing social skills such as following instructions, interacting with new friends and turn taking.

Preparation of boys and girls for football clubs.