USA Scholarships



Live in Europe? Ever wanted to play sports at a college in the US?

PrimeScout offers superior services for all European students that wish to pursue further education in the US. With Recruitment Directors on both sides of the Atlantic, you are guaranteed superior care before you leave for the US on an athletic scholarship and when you arrive in the US to fulfill your dreams of attaining your college degree while playing sports at highly competitive levels.

Not only will PrimeScout guide you through the highly competitive and convoluted recruitment process but, we will provide support for you once you enter college.

Based on the best selling book, The Student Athletes Guide to Getting Recruited, and many years of recruiting and helping youth soccer players be recruited to elite college programs in the US, you will gain the knowledge on how to succeed academically, athletically, and socially as a collegiate student-athlete.

Visit us at our combination event. Designed and delivered by Grade A UEFA Soccer coach “Stewart Mc Bean” of Total Soccer Experience in conjunction with our division 1 soccer coach in the US.



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