Nursery Coaching

Children have fun & enjoyment in our nursery sessions through play & activities.

We facilitate children’s physical and social development. 

We develop children’s motor skills through football skills, other ball handling skills and movement skills.

We practise dribbling, shooting, passing, trapping, throwing, bouncing and catching techniques.

Children develop good eye, hand and foot coordination.

We nurture an active and healthy lifestyle with lots of movement, including running, jumping and hopping.

 Children take part in activities using beanbags, balance hedgehogs and a whole range of agility equipment to develop speed, agility, coordination and balance.

Children interact with their peers and develop social skills such as working with others and turn taking . 

There is always a positive and enjoyable ethos during a session, encouraging children to become self confident and children will always achieve during a session and leave with a smile.

Children develop concentration which helps with other nursery activities and preparation for school.

We are pleased with the progress that two-four years old children make in developing ball handling skills, movement, balance and coordination over several nursery sessions.


Total Soccer Experience works  in nurseries in Renfrewshire and Argyll and Bute. We would work in other local authority areas if distance was reasonable. 

Sessions last for forty-five minutes and take place over a six week period.

We are able to tailor arrangements and times to nurseries’ individual needs.


Hand eye coordination.