Brazilian Soccer

Brazilian Soccer – Learn to Play the Brazilian Way!!!!  

Brazilian Soccer is a method of coaching where fun and enjoyment permeate the whole coaching session. It is great to see the pleasure on a child’s face when they master a new skill or technique. At the end of a session, every young player will have learnt something new and leave with a smile.

We offer first class coaching and inspire children to work hard and achieve in all activities by valuing their efforts. Encouragement and praise lead to a great atmosphere during sessions.  Children develop confidence and self esteem, and feel good about their growing football skills.

The goal of Brazilian soccer is to develop the young players’ techniques and skills ensuring they become better at playing the game. Regardless of age, ability or gender our coaching sessions will have everyone fully involved and challenged to ensure they make progress. 

Thoughtful, individual routines mean young footballers make great progress. In team activities and games, children learn to communicate, tackle, pass, dribble and shoot. In addition, the development of creativity, movement and team spirit means that the children become better footballers.

Our innovative programme is designed to be active and healthy with lots of movement, including running, jumping and hopping. Children develop motor skills necessary for their participation in future sports.  Children take part in activities using beanbags, balance hedgehogs and a whole range of agility equipment to develop speed, agility, coordination and balance.

Children develop social skills with us such as meeting new friends, working with others, listening to instructions, turn taking and demonstrating activities. A number of parents over the years have commented on how the classes have helped children prepare for school. There is a positive and encouraging atmosphere at an Adventure Soccer class.


Brazilian Soccer Sessions last for one hour and take place at Pro Fives, Paisley. 

All our coaches are qualified UEFA ‘A’ Licence coaches.

Brazilian Soccer is for boys and girls aged 5-12 years old and classes take place in a safe learning environment.

We continuously evaluate our programme and coaching, and introduce new skills developmental exercises to ensure our sessions are of a high standard.

All our coaches are qualified UEFA ‘A’ Licence coaches.

Adventure Soccer is for boys and girls aged 2-5 years old and classes take place in a safe learning environment.

We continuously evaluate our programme and coaching to ensure our programmes are of the highest quality.

Children can move to our Brazilian Soccer at Pro Fives  about five years of age.


Having a great time and developing friendships.

Developing football skills and techniques, including dribbling, shooting, passing, running off the ball and trapping.

Becoming more creative and having quick feet when working with a ball.

Nurturing an active, healthy lifestyle.

Confidence building and taking responsibility for your own skills development.

Developing social skills, including working with others during skills routines and games.

Differentiated games and activities ensure every player makes progress.

Brazilian Soccer will help you if you already play for a club or help prepare you for joining a club.