About US

WhAT is Total Soccer?

Total Soccer Experience is one of Scotland’s leading providers in the development of young sports people. Founded in 1998, we coach young people from two years of age to university and working age. 

Total Learning Experience has a wealth of coaching expertise, but remains committed  to developing coaching knowledge and understanding, and recently Stewart McBean, Director of Sport,  attended the United Soccer Coaches Convention in Philadelphia, billed as ‘the world’s largest gathering of soccer coaches’.

This commitment to build on existing expertise in coaching techniques, drills and activities has ensured Total Soccer Experience has remained a centre of excellence for many years. But just as important, fun and enjoyment are at the heart of everything we do.

Every coach is PVG Scheme, Disclosure Scotland checked.


  • To have fun and enjoyment.
  • To develop the skills, techniques and abilities of young footballers in a supportive environment.
  • To treat every young footballer as an individual and meet their individual needs through excellent coaching.
  • To motivate young footballers by encouragement and praise.
  • To ensure every young footballer achieves success through great coaching.
  • To nurture an active, healthy lifestyle.
  • To develop confidence.
  • To develop social skills.
  • To help you if you already play for a club or prepare you for joining a football club.

We always work hard to develop football skills within our kids. Preparing them for not just life in football, but for social skills etc etc…

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