School Coaching

Children experience fun and enjoyment during our school coaching sessions.


We facilitate children’s physical and social development. 

At the end of a session, every young player will have learnt something new and leave with a smile.

 We offer first class coaching, and encouragement and praise lead to a great atmosphere during sessions. 

 Children develop confidence and self esteem, and feel good about their growing football skills. 

Regardless of age, ability or gender our coaching sessions will have everyone fully involved and challenged to ensure they make great progress. 

Thoughtful, individual routines mean young footballers make great progress. 

Children develop good eye, hand and foot coordination.

In team activities and games, children learn to communicate, tackle, pass, dribble and shoot.

 The development of creativity, movement and team spirit means that the children become better team players.

We nurture an active and healthy lifestyle with lots of football related movement .


Total Soccer Experience works in schools in Renfrewshire and Argyll and Bute. We would work in other local authority areas if distance was reasonable. 

We respond to the age and ability of children and can develop other ball handling skills such as bouncing, throwing and catching when working with younger children.

Sessions last for one hour and take place over a six week period.

Sessions normally take place after school on the same day each week, although we are able to tailor arrangements to schools’ individual needs.

We focus on a different skill and technique each week, while working on all skills during a session. We finish each block of sessions with a mini tournament.

Week 1 would focus on Dribbling, Week 2 Passing, Week 3 Turning,Week 4 Shooting, Week 5 1v1s and Week 6 Mini Tournament.